Monday, March 23, 2015

Man, After so Many Weeks...‏

Haha! After so many weeks of writing general mails, I can´t think of ANY subject headings... someone send me a bunch of ideas so I can just start using them! This week went really well, we had two baptisms, two of the daughters of a family we found, we´re still working on the rest of them but these two daughters progressed really quickly and they had baptismal dates from the start so we were able to have their baptisms this last Saturday. My companion baptized one of them, he was super nervous for his first baptism and he had to repeat it, I felt a little bad for him but it´s not that big of a deal really, her knee came up out of the water. Then afterwards Diego baptized the other daughter and she didn't want to have to repeat it haha so she made absolutely sure she went all under, I think she was underwater like 20-30 seconds, it was crazy. But it was really good, their family came to church Sunday and enjoyed it again! 

Something I have realized lately is that really, as missionaries, if we want to baptize we can, it all depends on how much we talk to people. If we have the faith and we talk to everyone we´ll have the success. Something else I was told from a recently returned missionary hit me pretty hard, he gave us 5 references and it was like woah, you´re still contacting people on the street? And he told me that that´s how it should be, the members are really those who are supposed to find, to give people to the missionaries to teach, he also said that if they don´t do it, it´s like their own condemnation, I´m not sure exactly how true that is, but really the members are the ones who should do most of the finding! Definitely going to work harder when I get back from the mission to be a better member as well haha. Thanks for everything, hope you have an excellent week filled with all your wildest dreams and wonders coming true. 

Elder Aaron Lohberg

Gots to go, but I love you guys a lot, i´m thankful for all that you´ve done for me!!! I love you guys with everything I am. =)=)=)
 From Dad typing back and forth with Aaron:  Dad: how expensive is rice there?
Aaron: It´s cheap. But i´m like sick of rice haha, and pizza, and burgers. The cheese I buy here is american, super fake but it´s not as expensive. It´s like 12 bucks for 50 slices in cosco. Or 40 slices, I'm not sure. Yeah. If you want to live in Costa Rica you have to eat like them. Lots of rice, but as missionaries we don't, because we don't have a rice cooker, we almost don´t have a bean cooker, so we buy hamburgers in cosco!!!!! clothes are pretty cheap, food is expensive, houses are cheap, they charge extra on cars and everything it´s weird, fruit is dirt cheap. 
 (mom note: pretty sure this is Moises) Moises, our ward mission leader, he´s leaving for his mission April 1st to El Salvador.. he´s really cool haha

one month check up for Aaron's kid
Elder Contreras

 Costa Rica San Jose Mission March 20, 2015

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