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I´m thinking more basic subject titles will be better. One word subject headings from now on! This week went pretty tuanis, pretty cool. We had a baptism Thursday, and investigator named B got baptized, but she wasn´t able to get confirmed this Sunday (yesterday) because she went to San Jose to study. So... this next Sunday she´ll be confirmed! We´re also hoping that one of our investigators named A gets baptized! I love this work; love being out here in Costa Rica, even though its mind bogglingly hot right now, it´s awesome! I love more than anything being able to read the scriptures and listen to the words of the Prophet and the Apostles. Never before have I really enjoyed General Conference but now there is NOTHING better haha. I love you guys so much! Thanks for everything and I´ll try and write a better email next week=P

Elder Lohberg

info from emailing back and forth:
Aaron: hai mom=)

Mom: I just got home!! So glad I decided to check the emails before I got busy doing something else!! 
How the heck are you? How's your week been?
Aaron: Super duper, it´s been okay haha I´ve been having my companion do everything so he learns in our last week (i think) together. haha I'm trying to have him do ERRYTHING, and our numbers become crap doing so, but hey, oh wells! the principle is that he learns!

Mom: true - he needs to learn how to hand out books, teach etc - that's YOUR job as trainer - to teach him! haha!
So - thoughts? you should be transferred this up coming week right? so - any thoughts on where you might end up? EXCITED for the change? chance to see something else? NERVOUS to have a new comp, new area? 
You'll find out Sunday night right? So transfers would be next Monday then? If so - would you still email that day but just later in the day? 
Aaron: I hope I get changed! See some new places, meet new people! My area is super good right now, we have like 3 baptisms coming up, pretty much solid and we have 18 investigators progressing with 18 baptismal dates, I´m sure a lot of them will fall through but still I;m happy with the progress we´ve made in the area. Lots of people tell me Puntarenas or Zon a Sur, they´re both supér hot places, and dry and lots of bugs and beaches and stuff. Sunday I believe I will know what is happening, next Monday is transfers. I think so yeah, almost 100% sure we´ll email Monday. 
No not really nervous. I will go and do whatever the Lord wants=)

Mom: truly proud of you Aaron!! I KNOW you are an excellent missionary!!
I'm excited to see where you go!!  You've got bug stuff still and sunscreen?  Are you even using the sunscreen I sent?  You will need the bug stuff in the outer areas I'm sure - anywhere there's water there will be bugs :)
BUT you should also get to see some cool animals as well if you are out of the city - some missionaries have seen sloth, monkeys, an ant eater I think someone saw, iguana of course :p
Aaron: I haven't touched the bug stuff yet, lots of sunscreen.. I'm too lazy and tired to put it on... i hate sunscreen haha I'ma die from cancer here, or at the least burn my eyes out.

Mom: maybe the next mission president will let you wear sunglasses  - some missions allow it - while others don't so pray for the next one to let you do it :)
If you go to Puntarenas - that for sure is West mission - and Zona Sur looks like it would be East mission then
Aaron: I have been haha!! I pray everyday that we can! I´m almost certain that if I'm in the West mission, in Puntarenas, the president will say no, but i think the american president from Idaho might say yes! in the east mission,. Zona sur is east 

Mom: sounds like you have a lot of things happening in Heredia though so that's cool to leave it with so much going on!!  Way to work!
Any news on G and M?
What about A and R?
Who else are you working with? Anyone you've mentioned before?
Aaron: G and M told me they were going to go to church yesterday finally. but didn't.. They´re all sick so I'm not sure. Maybe next week they´ll go finally. A really wants to get baptized, R is really kind of slowly investigating everything, he´s like Brother J, he acts the same too.. but she wants to get baptized before I leave so they´re in the process of getting married. Maybe everything will get done in time this week for her, if not next month for sure. We have a lot of people but they´re the ones progressing quicker than everyone else. This last Thursday we had a baptism of someone named B, it was more like.. she really wanted to get baptized had all the times in the church and passed her interview, it wasn´t anything difficult so it was a little weird.

Mom: Dad has been experimenting making curtido - he has made several different batches of it - the last one was one of the better ones - some are too vinegary for me - he's set on trying things that you MIGHT be getting :) it's like a cabbage salad - we had it with papusas? or pipusas? at a market  - like I said dad wants to try to find what you are eating! haha! 
Aaron: I have never heard of curtido lol. We eat a ton of rice. and a Ton of beans.. and some types of meat, usually like sausage or chicken.  Pupusas, are from El Salvador. Elder Toledo made me some and I know how now, they´re super good. 

Mom: ya they were good!  We had them in Portland at that Saturday market place (food truck)
Aaron: yeah, i like them. I would like to visit El Salvador maybe one day, pass by with my wife to say hi to toledo and his wife hahaha

Mom: I'm pretty excited to see where you go! I can't even begin to tell you!!  giddy you might say :)
Have been really trying to pray to find people to have the missionaries teach in our home - pray for people to be brought to me as well.  I am trying to figure out the best way for me to do missionary work. 
maybe you and Toledo can be comps again as ZLs! That would be cool! 

Aaron: As God can put His trust in us that we WILL talk to His children if they´re in our path he´ll do it, if we never talk to them then he can´t trust us to talk to those he puts in our way. 
I really would like to, but he´s companions with Elder Mills, who was where I'm at right now 7 and a half months too, he baptized Diego, but they only have one change together, so i don't think so. =( maybe one day, but he´s in the east mission right now, so is elder parker but elder parker should have changes before the split I think. 

Mom: so IF you are in the East mission - then since the temple is out of the mission you won't be able to go any more while on your mission? Do you know?
Do you know exactly when the split will happen?
Aaron: Nope, no more temple. July 1st I believe, I heard that President leaves June 28th. But the assistants told me May was his last month, and we have a mission goal of a baptism per missionary for president in may so I'm not sure. 

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