Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello! How are you guys!‏

Diego, Elder Lohberg with a photo bomb from Elder Henry :D
I need to write this one pretty quick, because I´m almost out of internet time. This week went really well, we had a multizone meeting with President Wilkinson, and then we went on divisions with the assistants to the President, I learned so much in these last 3 days that I was a little shocked haha, by all the information. I´m trying to organize my thoughts and what I have learned to put them into practice, to become a better missionary. I learned about the importance of planning, and not just doing it to do it, but effectively planning out what we´re going to every single day. So, I´ve changed how I plan. I know it´s hard, it takes a long time and you really have to put your mind to work to be able to plan out the next day well, the next week well, or even just to plan out your month. But, planning is an effective tool and will be useful in every aspect of my life, even though it is boring at times=). I know this is Christ´s church. I have felt it in my heart. I have received my answer from my Heavenly Father that this is His true Church. I encourage you to investigate, discover, and come closer to Christ, follow his perfect example. He will bless you in every aspect of your life as you do so. 

Elder Lohberg
Washington buddies - Elder Lohberg & Elder Henry
sitting at the internet cafe

Elder Lohberg with Elder Cantreras

Elder Lohberg with Elder Acuña

                                                               Elder Lohberg practicing his "r's"

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