Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"Woah! I want an autograph and he just laughed"


Sunday was good.  So essentially, our zone has a separate sacrament meeting in a part of the overflow in the Wyview chapel, which is right next to the Creamery.  The zone leaders get prayers and people to do the sacrament, and we work with one of the Hermanas for the hymns.  After the sacrament (the prayers are read in Spanish), the Branch President, President Steward, selects two missionaries from our zone (which we have only 4 districts now; 2 other districts arrived the same day as ours) to go up and give what are supposed to be 4-minute talks in Spanish on that Sunday's topic.  For instance, last Sunday's topic was the Holy Ghost, so on Saturday we prepare talks for it and then kind of hope we don't get called on to speak haha.  When our district and the other two that arrived with us got here, we had 6 districts, I think.  They were trying out the idea of a large zone and I guess it didn't go to well, so we haven't gotten any new people in our zone, yet.  But yeah, after the two talks, one of the members of the branch presidency speaks and then their wife speaks, but they have to talk in English because they don't want the new missionaries not being able to understand (even though we have none).'s usually pretty good.  Kind of a pressure until you know if you're speaking or not.  I haven't spoken yet and the other two companionships of zone leaders from the two districts that left didn't speak so maybe I will luck out.

I like your story about, or your scripture sorry, about missionary work and the importance of companionship unity.  It seems as though our district is going to keep in touch and be real good friends after; a member of the branch pres., Brother Taylor, told us that.

I have found 3 other missionaries in another zone besides Orlandi going to Costa Rica the same day as me.  The only reason I'm not with them is because I'm intermediate.  You can totally hear the difference between our Spanish and theirs.  I talked with them this evening at the devotional; Elder Shoemaker, and I forgot the other two - not sure how I feel about them.  At the devotional tonight, we had our first apostle speak - Elder Scott - and he talked about prayer and recommended that we whisper in our personal prayers when we are alone. I thought that was cool/interesting.  Also, another thing, here in the MTC we have a LOT (actually underlined 3 times!) of kneeling prayers.  I would recommend you guys start doing that after scripture study again.  There's a sort of reverence about it that makes it nice.  We do it before and after each class with a teacher, and we were doing it each night before bed but then our district leader changed and we stopped doing district prayers.  So, we'll see.  We don't do companionship prayer because of the trio - should probably start those. Hmm..oh, yeah, today dinner was cod and I found out if you put A-1 sauce on cod it's edible haha.  Also, it tastes like A-1 sauce. :)

10:27....running out of time....hmmm, got the Dear Elder today.  We've been counting down our MTC days.  We "basically" have like 11.5 days now because the last few are packing and in field orientation. Oh yea! I saw the guy from the first district (the videos).  I don't know his name but they teach that couple, the girl who gets baptized and chews gum - blonde hair with white kind of sticky-outy teeth - and her boyfriend has the earring and shows up at her baptism right after work with his sweatshirt on.  It's the Asian-looking missionary.  I saw him and I was like, "WOAH! I want an autograph," and he just laughed. Also, what I have heard is Elder Christenson from the District 2 still works at the MTC too. B said he had him for their in-field orientation teacher and he got to shake his hand. Pretty dang exciting.

Every native-speaking speaker/teacher from like Mexico tells me I will love Costa Rica because they have heard it's beautiful and I'm like, too :) haha.  So yeah, Elder Scott has visited us.  We usually just get members of the Seventies.  We had a native teacher substitute one of our classes and he said that every one of us will get diarrhea our first few weeks, except Elder Stoker (California).  We were like ohh...and he said their are times missionaries go out and then there is like poop running down their pants and out the bottom.  We were like ughhhh, hahah.  He said to burn the garment bottoms if that happens.  He was like, "Burn dem.  Dat's so disgusting."  We have a game of flicking bottlecaps to shoot them.  We get'em going pretty fast and it's fun.  Also, I'm getting pretty good at volleyball.  Love you guys so much, keep being awesome! Love Aaron, woops Elder Lohberg.

P.S. Walking to breakfast - If you send stuff to Costa Rica at all, plaster the outside in pictures of the Virgin Mary and it should make it unopened.  Put it on the seals so they don't rip her.

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