Saturday, September 27, 2014

Say goodbye, oh oh just say goodbye!

Wow, this week has been pretty crazy haha. So this is my last week here in the MTC. Monday was normal - nothing really happened (honestly, I just have no idea what we did Monday. I can't remember). Tuesday, I remember that we went to the devotional and had Elder Ballard come and talk to us. He basically just started it out by saying, "I'm going to talk to you guys like I'm your grandpa" and then he just kind of gave us advice for our mission and stuff. It was really cool and I felt like it was awesome that he was there basically just to help us, I guess. It made me think of the key principle that they drill into your head: Teach people not lessons. So that was cool. Something he said that really stood out for me was that our missions can also help people back home come closer to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father, so he encouraged us to send letters of encouragement and love back home! Que mas, hmm...Wednesday was basically just teaching our "investigators" and such and yeah...Thursday was our last day with E Pence "Brother Pence"and it was kind of sad haha. We've only had like 8 lessons with him, but still we've grown pretty close and learned so much about them that it makes it hard for us to say goodbye. It's even hard to say goodbye to our fake investigators (our teachers). Thursday we said goodbye to B Wright, Bro. Wright, and that was just as hard. I did get photos with both of them - both single and with my whole district, so I guess I will get those home somehow from Costa Rica since I forgot my camera.

They both signed my Costa Rica flag so that was cool haha. E had a really cool looking signature and I asked Hermano LeBron (our first teacher we got) if he had a better one and he like looked at his and was like, "That? That's nothing." He's really funny. His story is insane too.  He was like the leader of a gang in Cleveland with his older brothers and he's literally been shot at and shot at people and stuff; his story is just insanely awesome. I wish I had more time to share it with you guys. Perhaps when I return haha.

Hmm, yesterday we had in-field orientation so we just like walked from classroom to classroom at the main campus from 8:00-6:30 and learned stuff that really wasn't all that helpful. Some of it was, but most of it was kind of common sense. Also, I got to shake Brother/Elder Christensen's hand, from the District, twice haha; because he was one of the guys and he shook my hand, and then decided to go around the entire room shaking hands and ended up shaking mine again. It was dank. So that was cool.

Spent the rest of my money on my MTC card today. I had $14 on it and I bought a Costa Rica shirt and 4 more Hi-Gliders. They're like gel scripture markers and they're really awesome. We did endowments in the temple today and so we got to leave on a good note; just one more super busy day. The branch president is making us go to all our meetings tomorrow so that we can show the only new district how it's done because in our zone there are 3 leaving districts and we just got a new one this last Wednesday (also I got to do like the orientation for them, so that was a lot of fun! Seeing their scared faces). They will be the only district so the branch pres. wants us to come to the meetings, instead of using that time to pack, so they get a good idea of how one works when there are more districts. Our zone is the last to leave west campus and west campus closes Oct. 30th. Can't think of much else that's new. Stoked to leave the MTC, but also kind of sad to leave all the people I've met!

No pictures today (I inserted pictures when they came in) because I forgot my camera at the apartment. I don't have a picture of me by the map thing, but on the camera that is in the box that Jessie and Spencer are picking up that memory card should have one of me at the main campus pointing to Costa Rica. The problem is to get that picture, I have to be at main campus with my camera which you aren't supposed to bring your camera to the devotionals and that's the only time we go to the main campus besides p-day. If I take my camera on p-day, we have to check it at the temple which is a pain in the butt haha.

Today's been good. Lots of things to do and my companions REALLY want to play zone volleyball today, even though we're teaching priesthood tomorrow and we still have to pack and we have like stuff to do, but whatever. Also we're doing like a sleep over with another district from our zone that leaves with us. They're dragging their mattresses over and we're pulling ours down...again not my idea but oh wells.

I'm excited to maybe finally get out of a trio, teaching is way hard to try and balance who talks so much. EL and I don't get along that well. We make it work but our personalities are different. I would relate how I have to deal with him with how I will have to deal with my wife haha. ES is cool but he's like kind of on the line sometimes. He just does what EL wants in some cases, even if he agrees with me.

B and his companion in the MTC bought this cheap bookstore watch haha. It looks like gold/silver; it looks REALLY nice but it was like $15 and it's actually cheap plastic. They're going to see who gets it robbed off them first. I thought that wasn't a good idea, but they want to have a story haha.

Oh hey, SA. I might have met that guy but I'm not sure. If I did meet him, he told me he has been to Costa Rica and he loved the beach. He saw a really scary thing that he had no idea what it was, but I'm not sure haha, that is weird.

It's like slow and quick. Days are so long; weeks are like minutes. I honestly remember the day I got here pretty well, and that week and then everything else I can't remember at all. I did get Laurzia's mail. I'm trying to send out a letter back to them before I leave; probably gunna get it in the box on Sunday. We found stamps in our inheritance from the other zone leaders haha. After my companions bought 10 stamps each, we found FIFTY stamps in one of our boxes, so crazy. That's $25 in stamps haha. We're going to give what's left to Elder Stoker since he'll be in Cali.

I bought a tie that Elder Selfaison's mom made (he's originally from Hawaii). She had Hawaiian fabric and she made ties. He said, "Pay as much as you think it's worth," and so I gave him $10 like everyone else. It's pretty cool looking. At first, I was like mehh because I didn't get to pick a unique one. I got one of the general fabric ones, but it's really cool now haha.

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