Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Secret Room

Alrighty, well this week is probably the highlight of my MTC stay so far. I'm not sure if it was this week or last week, but we technically committed two of our investigators to baptism and our investigators (they all fake) have been progressing really well. I can personally tell that I'm improving as a missionary and as a tool for the Lord. Hmm. We have a TRC investigator, which TRC is basically just like come teach a lesson every day to someone. For a while it was just to older members of the church, so it was like we were doing 20 minute lessons for the members which was easy because we could just like ask them really vague questions and get huge responses from them that made the lesson really strong.

But anyways, we have an investigator in TRC named Carlos who has been pretending to be a nonmember. He's a really logical guy; like REALLY logical, so we would like teach him a principle and then he would talk for 5 minutes and prove like every single principle we taught him. Then we basically were able to commit him to baptism on the second visit haha. It was extremely obvious he was already a member. But he likes to have little fun talks before we begin our lesson, and one time this week, on Thursday I believe, we walked in and he had 2 scriptures written out in a really fancy writing on yellowish-white paper that he had done with a normal regular pen and it looked really cool. So we like complimented him on them and stuff and then he gave them to us, so Lindstrom and I took one because he only had two and then Stoker didn't get one but he was like, "What is your favorite scripture? I'll do it right now," because it only takes like 3 minutes. So Lindstrom stole that option from Stoker and got him to do a scripture for him and gave Stoker the pre-done one, which was really mean, in my opinion.

So I got 1 Nephi 4:6, I believe, and then the next day when we saw him I was like, "Hey, would it be alright if we come by and get some more scriptures written?" and he said of course haha. So that evening (yesterday night), which was technically our lst scheduled lesson with him, he wrote out two more for Lindstrom and 2 more for me and then 1 more for Stoker. I asked for 1 and then Stoker did since we didn't get to choose our original scriptures and then Linstrom was like, "I have 2 but I can't decided between them," and so he was like that's fine I'll do them both and then he did and then I got him to do 1 more haha.  So we're loaded - I have 3 scriptures written out really cool.

Hmmm, lots happened today so I will try and begin with some of the other days. Our Spanish has improved a lot, as such we're able to bring people closer to Christ even better than we could before. :) I'm trying avoid like bragging or talking highly of myself and ourselves because I know it's the Lord helping us haha and not just our learning. Que mas...hmmm...oh the other district left that had 12 elders which took a huge cut out of our zone so I got some photos with them and such.

Elder Scott visited on Tuesday...I think..yeah...and he talked about prayer for the devotional and it was really good. One thing he said that really stuck out to me was that personal prayers will be less scripted and better essentially if you can offer them in a whisper, even a slight whisper rather than just in your head. That was really something that I had never really thought to do, I guess. It was really cool seeing him there.

I really appreciate all the spiritually uplifting thoughts you guys are sharing with me. OH YEAH, so yesterday we got our travel plans. I will be leaving September 29th, not 30th, which was confusing until we got them because half my documents said I would leave on the 29th and the other said 30th. Elder Stoker is the only one from our district leaving on the 30th. He's gunna spend a day with our neighbors who are also going to California after we leave. So yeah, meet at the travel office at 4:35am on the 29th and then my first flight is at 9:40 and I fly to Atlanta, GA. Then I get into Costa Rica at 7:45pm. I was afraid at first because after I get into Costa Rica there was another flight scheduled on the 11th of Nov. to fly back to Atlanta, GA haha, but I heard that's just what the church does. It's easier to get your visa if they think you aren't staying and then they just cancel the flight, which is kind of misleading but hey...hahah. So yeah, I leave the 29th, first flight at 9:40, get to GA at 3:25, next flight is at 4:50, and get into Costa Rica at 7:45. :) Cool beans. We were all stoked to get them hahahah. Elder Stoker didn't get his until later haha and so he was really bummed for a bit.

There's going to be 12 people in my travel group, so that'll be cool and I did meet some other Elders going to Costa Rica. Not sure how I feel about them but we'll see. I'll learn to get over it haha. We've been tracking the days until we get out of the MTC and as far as "real" days go where we're actually learning and doing our usual MTC stuff, we have like 4 left, I think, and then we have infield orientation. ELDER CHRISTENSON, or whatever, from The District does the infield orientation. Apparently, he doesn't give out autographs, but I think I will get to shake his hand. I got to take photos with Z and B before they left on Sunday.

And, today we woke up, went to service. We didn't get up super earlier, we're just doing our laundry right now. So we got to service and then our district leader kind of barely raised his hand so they didn't assign us, which I know is bad...but then we found a service lady and told her this was our last week and we would like to see the secret room. She was like, "I'll see if we can do it," so then she had us help her clean. Then she said we could go, and some sisters showed up...that are really annoying and we don't really like... and we tried to get them to leave so that they wouldn't come with us to the secret room, but it didn't work out and they wouldn't leave. They had no clue what was going on.  So she took us to the building, told us the rules: can't tell anyone where it is and something else..was so excited I didn't really listen. And then we took off our shoes and our loose stuff and she walked to the end of the hall and opened the door and we saw the pillows as high as the ceiling almost (about shoulder height on me). We ran and jumped in and it was freaking awesome. We were in there for like 10-14 minutes, typically you only get two. I do have photos. Both sets of zone leaders from the zones that left told us about it and I had already heard about it but it was like a reminder, so we went. We might try and get to go next week during service if the same girl is there haha. So yeah, it was pretty freaking exciting. And then we went to the temple and did endowments. Then..hmmm. we printed emails, got our hair cut, and here we are!

My haircut, it's not bad. It was really fast. She did like a comb with a handle and the electric razor in one hand and just did it all with that and sprayed everything haha, I said 2 on the sides and long enough on top that I can put it up and it came out okay. I asked if I could have spiked sideburns and she was like, "Not allowed to do that, Elder" but then she just didn't touch my sideburns so I was like, "Sweet, no flat line poop" haha. Also, she didn't shave my neck very well and she used like a vacuum thing to get the extra hair off. No, it was like a larger comb with a handle on it, and then in her other hand was an electric razor like yours. My razor does but I didn't bring it which is okay. I've also only been using my electric razor because of time constraints in the morning haha. 5 guys, 1 bathroom, 30 minutes. It's been hard to get used to not showering every day. The haircut was free - just swiped my card haha. We have like a food card we swipe for meals and it gets $6 every Wednesday to buy stuff with, but haircuts are free.
Los Tres Amigos (Aaron, Zack and Ben)

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