Monday, July 11, 2016


It´s all coming to and end (at least as a fulltime missionary) I´m working as hard as I can with my comp. We´re seeing a ton of success in our area still! Lots of investigators are coming to church and we´re finding many new ones as well who seem promising. I know that the Lord is in charge of this work.. all He asks is that we do our best when we participate in His work and as we try He magnifies our labors and He edifies us at the same time. I feel as though I´ve grown so much as a missionary, I still have a lot more things to get better at, and I know that God will help me as a I keep trying to improve and change. I´ve been studying a lot lately the stories in the Book of Mormon and trying to memorize scriptures. We had a lesson in elders quorum where the president explained all about why it´s important to read and learn from the scriptures and he also explained why it´s a good idea to memorize them. Memorizing scriptures can help us overcome temptation, overcome stress, sadness, and anger and can give many more opportunities to lift up and teach others. I encourage all of you to make a strong habit of reading, learning from, and memorizing scripture, that you may be a light to the world.


Elder Lohberg

P-day sight seeing with Randall to see the volcano Turrialba!

Aaron: Hi mom. This week was cool, we went today to the volcano Turrialba.. as close as they let us get and took photos. I dont want to share what president told me, its sacred;; DD maybe later on. We had 8 onvestigators i church and romario confirmed that he wants to serve a mission.. super cool
The mission phones agot turned off by a member in the church servies on accident, not all of them but just a bunch.. he was supposed to turn off a few that didnt have any missionaries using them.. but ithink he got mixed up or something and so tons of phones got turned off.. including ours... pretty rough but oh wells. 
President apparently is doing okay but they havent told us much.
I might need to get an ingrown toenail taken out in the states... doesnt seem like i´ll be going here just to not lose a week of work, so it seems like i´ll have to do it there.. but not really sure yet.. at least i think thats what will happen, waiting on the nurse to give me the final response.. so not sure how much that costs but i think it´ll have to happen:(
I ws kind of thinking about trying to get a cheap motorcycle inonce were in utah, I have a frieend in the mission whos from utah who bought one for 300 bucks and he said it was a great idea, he uses it to go up into the mountains and to go on shorts distances

Mom: Hey! I'm here 
the email didn't refresh so I didn't know you were on!!
So - is President back already or is the area 70 still acting as president right now?

Mom: I understand - no worries - I just was curious since you had mentioned it but then didn't expound :p
Ya - I heard the volcano area is closed off - but I'm sure you got closer than most people do :)
Was it cool or? is it still erupting?

Mom: that's weird about the phones - so are they all back on now? Randall had said he had to loan you his phone for calls a few times.  Crazy mistake eh?

Mom; Cool about Romario wanting to serve a mission - he will have to wait a year though right? So what about his girlfriend? Do you think that will cause any problems there?
Mom: you still on Aaron??

Aaron: Yeah sorry mom.. So romario has to wait a year yes, the relief society president is working hard with his girlfriend she was inactive and now she´s going really well now too.. i think he´ll make it! 
The volcano was 100% clouded over, couldn´t see anything, but it was cool to be up there, and say that I went. 
The phones still arent turned on, at least ours isnt. we´re working on getting them to fix that. Yeah its still erupting

Aaron: he 70 i herte still (I think he is saying "the 70 is here still" since President Hayes is in the states seeing a doctor - an Area 70 is filling in as the mission president at the moment), what are your thoughts on the toenail problem and the motorcycle?? 

Mom: ya I didn't see it at first - then I read it!
Yes - I can call and see if there is anyone who can see you during the time you are at home - if not - then you will have to do it in Utah - but not sure how that will work with your school stuff :/
As for the motorcycle - I had thought about that at one point but also was worried about you and accidents! So many kids out there get killed on bikes because there are so many crazy utah drivers! But - we can discuss that I guess when you are home :p

Aaron: I´m pretty sure it´s ingrown too be honest im not sure.. the pain hasnt been horrible yet.. maybe its not.. i´ve had the member here cutting and ripping at it for 8 weeks haha.. so it might just be like destroyed.. the last time was the worse.. each time it gets worse hahaa.. could just be that. But we´ll see.. i´ll probably need to have to it cut. 

He told me that he just bought a cheap bike that didnt go fast, and he only went on back roads streets and highways, he said he´d never go on a freeway and I wouldn´t either.. but he also said for short distance to get to the house and work and everything it was nice because gas was cheap and it was super easy to get his license.. he said he got it in American Fork haha.. 

Mom: ya well your apartment isn't too far from campus - I had thought about just getting a moped or something like that for you - but truly - you are taking the kia so not sure if you need anything else?? But we can discuss it.
I will call I guess and see if there is anyone who could see you that first week you are home - if not - then I will have to figure something else out I guess :/ hmmmm
Is president Hayes back in country then or is he still in the states?

Aaron: he in he states as far as I know

Mom:  were you able to see any of the pictures I sent you?? What did you think of the house layout? 

Aaron: Yeah I saw it, it´s cool. I gotta go mom, stayed on alittle long. I love you have a good week, we´ll talk next week! 

Mom: ok - I will talk to you next week

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