Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The only thing I forgot to do was write a general mail to everyone, Woops. Well, in this Christmas week I just wanted to share my brief testimony that I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He came to earth, was born of Mary and lived a perfect life. I know that He fulfilled his mission and paid the price for us, and I´m so grateful for what He´s given me. I know that He was chosen for this mission before we were born, a mission to be the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know that He loves us, and that His simple words ¨Come follow me¨ are the only words that are truly important. I love Him. I´m learning of Him, I hope to be able to keep learning of Him, and I hope to be able to be with Him one day. I wish you all a merry Christmas, and pray that we all may keep our Savior in our hearts and that during this week, our actions truly show our love for Him. 


Elder Lohberg 

Aaron: Hey mom how are you? Let me see IF i can answer your all of your questions, It´s sunny but December is also pretty windy, so there´s a nice breeze. They have HUGE nativities, like they make the landscape and everything, they´re pretty though. I will try and take some pictures one of these days. On Thursday we found out Elder Valles was going to be put into an area now, so he left Thursday but he´s doing good. He stayed with us last night after the Christmas party, which was good. The ward's about the same except for they´re changing out the leadership. The counselors changed, our mission leader changed and everything. The zone is about the same.. not really getting too much better.. but we´re seeing what we can do to fix that. Geanina got baptized. We´re going to Skype Thursday evening at 6:00 it appears. Some people for the Christmas thing stayed in the secretaries house or if not our zone lent up like 9 extra beds, because we´re close. So they just stayed the night and then today go back to their areas. SAN JOSE is crazy right now. SO MUCH PEOPLE. it´s so crazy, I´m starting to  imagine what China is like 

Mom: wow! Ok - I will be ready to Skype then for sure and will watch the time in case you are on earlier.  Are you skyping from someone's home then?  How much time are they giving you this year?  West mission only gets 30 minutes - so I wondered if that was the same for you guys too this time.
I saw a picture of you and Toledo posted to Facebook by the cook I think - I downloaded it :)
I had read that Christmas time was crazy busy in Costa Rica - that a lot of people came to holiday there.
Tell me about the Christmas conference then - what do you do besides eat? :)  Did you get all the things I sent you?

Mom: you still on?  been 20 minutes since you typed something

Aaron:Sorry tons of people wrote me today. From a member's house we´ll be skyping. We get like 45. Like always. We ate, sang hymns or listen to people do like musical moments. But I saw lots of friends and old comps. I got a ton of rice krispy treats and protein bars and a bateria  (battery) and a memory card, pretty sure that I did!  Yah how are you mom! 

Mom: I'm good!  been just sitting here in hopes to chat a bit more - got your email with the "answers" but just waiting to hear more from you :)

Aaron: going to try and send some pictures to you. 

Mom: coolio!  I sent you some cash as well - was that in the bag or did it get stolen? :(
I had sent a box of protein bars and a bag of rice crispy treats (which had an envelope with money in it) and then the package I sent you had the battery / camera card etc 

Aaron: oh I got that too, I forgot!! Yah I got the cash. 

Mom: oh good! I was a little worried - I had sent that with a girl coming back with her family to tour the mission - but I had to give her money to bring it and I had cash in it - so I was worried the cash in there might not make it since it was just in the bag and it would be in luggage and in offices etc - glad it made it! Take your district or your comp or something and go get pizza on us or do something fun you want to do :)
It's not your Christmas gift nor birthday - that money we put in the account - this is just because and for fun and so you would have something now  :)

Aaron: okay. Thanks mom, I love you guys so much and am very thankful for that. I´m looking forward to skyping you Thursday! It´ll be awesome to see you all again. 

Mom: you have to go now? will chat more Thursday!! LOVE YOU!!

Aaron: No, I still have 30 minutes haha. =) I was just saying that I´m excited for this opportunity.

Mom: oh! haha!! I AM SUPER STOKED to be honest! I super excited we still get 45 minutes! West only gets 30 :( 
so things going ok with you and Elder Morales then?  You guys get along ok then?  What's new with the people you are teaching? anything?  

Aaron: How´s it been having Kara back there now?? West is getting really strictly guided to be honest, it would be hard to be there. 

Mom: it's been great! I miss ALL of you guys so much! It's been hard not having anyone home anymore :(

Aaron: Yeah we get along pretty well. Not much, we had that baptism but now we´re trying to find someone else that can be ready for this next month of January.. don't really have anyone still. 

Mom: maybe just pray for someone who is prepared to be placed before you!! Someone who is ready to be in your path - then just start talking to EVERYONE :) 

Aaron: Yeah that´s what we´ll be doing like what happened in Heredia where we found Ana and Rodolfo. 

Mom: you'll have to keep us posted on that - those are the real miracles that happen - when you are led to those who are prepared :)  I'm super stoked that you still get 45 minutes!! L and I have MANY times discussed the fact that we "won the mission lottery" by having our boys go to the East mission :)

Did S get his orange chicken sauce? I bought that and the rice crispy treats - and then split the box between you two :)  I was in Utah to do it - so L just sent me a check 

Aaron: Uhm, I don't know, I didn't hear anything from him, But I will talk with him in the week to find out.  Now I do basically have to go mom, Thanks for talking to me. I hope you have a lovely week and that everything goes well! Bye mom! Love you and dad and kara and jessie and spencer and jarom, PEACE OUT

Mom: LOVE YOU!! Will watch for you Thursday!!! Be safe!!

Conversation between Kara & Aaron:

Kara (on Dec 14): Halo. How are you?

Aaron (on Dec 22): HEY HOWS IT GOIN

Kara: GOOD HOW ARE YOU? Kiper man has a toilet in his yard for some of his plants.

Aaron: Wut? I dont understand what you saying. 

Kara: Remember the thief guy from Marysville? He has a toilet in his backyard now.

Aaron: AHA??? How long ago did it appear. THIEFS WILL ALWAYS BE THIEFS. 

Kara: I dunno. I've only been here since Thursday night. Mom didn't notice it until I pointed it out though. His yard looks terrible. So much random stuff. PROBABLY THAT HE STOLE.


  1. I just loved this letter haha! He has such a great personality, I can't wait to meet him in person!

  2. I just loved this letter haha! He has such a great personality, I can't wait to meet him in person!