Monday, December 14, 2015

This week has been crazy!‏

Well, this week has been super crazy, we had tons of meetings all over the place, a service project, a Christmas activity and we moved houses on top of everything. This week in the midst of all the craziness I was able to have one of the simplest principles retaught for me. Problem after problem I found myself praying and just asking that everything would work out okay, that I was going to do everything I felt prompted to do to fix the problems and literally every day I found myself praying for the next problem that we had and giving thanks that everything worked out the day before. It truly was another testimony, or many testimonies to me, that the Lord hears our prayers and wants to help us. It really brought the truthfulness of this scriptures to mind again Romans 8:18 ¨For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.¨ The things we go through in this life are very minimal in the eternal perspective of things. Asi que, just pray and ask for help and try and see the things that matter most. 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: We´re still going with the ward.. it´s a constant effort. We moved apartments, so now our house is a lot bigger. My comps are doing okay.. I´m trying to be more humble and learn what I need to learn.. but I am pretty tired of being a zone leader and especially of being in the city haha.. my whole mission in the city, gets pretty tiring. 

Mom: So where is your is your new apartment at?  Is it close to where you were before or? 
Hopefully you will get to a new area - although remember Elder J - well he has seen 4 murders right in front of him - had all kinds of CRAZY happen to him on his mission - and he has been in outlying areas so - that might not always be wonderful as well
but hopefully you will get to see something new soon!!  Maybe next transfer you can move on to a new area!?! you never know!

Aaron: There´s a map.. I think I told you already but I´m like 5 minutes from my last area.. I even ran into my last bishop here and he gave us a ride lol. 4 murders??? what the freakk.. 

Mom: exactly! I was talking to his mom and saying how I would like for you to be able to get out of the city and see more and she was all - be thankful he is safe!  The last murder happened in his backyard of his apartment - he was transferred out that night I guess - let me look for what she sent me about it all.

Mom: "One was next door,  one on the way to church one Sunday. . That was almost a funny one. .. another was near by then Friday in his back yard.  Crazy part is he heard the fighting so he said a prayer that the Lord would plug his ears so he could sleep.  The next he heard was the police banging on their door to make sure they hadn't been hit from stray bullets. .. he never heard the gun shots."

You've had some freaky things - like the drug lord guy and gun shots - anything else you AREN'T or HAVEN'T told me? haha

Aaron: That´s crazy. 

Aaron: No.. not really. my areas have been pretty calm, I've been threatened a few times.. but nothing big. 

Mom: I think he is now down in S's zone - 
Maybe you will get released next transfer and get to train!  You've been wanting to do that for a while now maybe that will happen?
Did you have a leadership conference last week? or no? I can't keep it all straight - when you have what.  I think your "Christmas" conference thing is the 21st if I'm correct 

Aaron: No, Elder J is in my zone right now. In one of the more dangerous areas. I feel like I´ll finish 6 months in this area, then I train and then i come home. Yeah leadership conference, stake president meeting, a ward Christmas activity.. and we changed houses and stuff. But in the mission the Christmas thing is this 21st. I don't have photos haha because my memory is in the packages you sent which are being held captive until the 21st.

Mom: with a weapon? like gun threatened? We do pray for your safety!! H said that she has gained a testimony that the Lord watches over His missionaries with all that her son has had to deal with out there.  She has been worried that he will not have a good experience on his mission and will come home feeling unsuccessful and with no good memories - feel sad about that.

Aaron: No no, him and his buddies never pulled out a weapon, they were super drugged up anyways.
Paso Ancho is where Elder H WAS before he went to be a zone leader. It´s in my zone, Los yoses.
We did that too.. we basically just helped out in an Evangelical Church, and played soccer with some kids there and showed them that the missionaries are cool and helped them with lunch and stuff. Yeah the leadership meeting went a lot better.

Mom: you still on?

Aaron: yes

Mom: you're just quiet today so didn't know if you were still on.  You doing ok for the most part? I'm glad things worked out for you to switch apartments - I hope that things are ok with the comps - it can be a stressful thing to deal with at times I know.
How was leadership meeting?

Aaron: It was okay, we ended pretty bad in the zone , but i just don't let it stress me now, I just take it easy

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