Monday, November 16, 2015

Volcano Irazú Me Extraña‏

Hey, this week went super well, we had some really good lessons with a lot of investigators who are progressing, we`re working towards having a baptism next week as well. Really we`ve just been having a steady pace of results slightly improving each week. But today, for a P-day activity we were able to go see some of the beautiful places in Costa Rica, the highlight I think of the trip would be the first place we saw which was Volcano Irazù, it`s next to Turrialba, the one that`s been letting off some steam! It was kind of raining going up the mountains, but once we passed through the clouds we got out of the rain. We were trying to see into the crater at the top but the cluds were making it hard, but then for like 5 minutes the zone broke through and we got some really good photos! The whole time I kept thinking to myself the scripture in the Book of Mormon where it says that ´All things testify that there is a God´ 


Elder Lohberg

Aaron: Hey mom, Our investigators are doing okay, we didn't have a ton of investigators in church just 3.. but we`re seeing some progression and it seems like one of our investigators will get baptized next week i believe, just need to get some permission, hopefully his parents don't have a problem. Then today we went and saw errything, i took like 130 photos.. but it says it`s gunna take 7 hours to upload the photos :( soo.. not sure how we`ll do that lol.. maybe some members can put it on for me when I'm not there.

Mom: HEY!! So how was your trip then? what all did you see? Was it cool?? Tell me about your week!!

Aaron: It was pretty good, we went and saw a volcano and one of the first buildings built in Costa Rica, which was just like the front wall of it now, the doorway, and then we saw also a lake, a dam, lots of mountains and beautiful pictures, and in the volcano i took pictures looking into the crater, because it was cloudy and rainy but i got some decent ones when it was raining.

Mom: that sounds pretty cool!! I can see a few pictures that you've uploaded - the countryside is so beautiful.  How far away was this place from where you are at?  What volcano did you see?  I was looking on a map of your area to see what you might have gone to see - but wasn't sure.

Aaron: It`s the volcano irazú, its in cartago, it took like 130 to get there, the photos u see was from when we were going up the mountain side. We got there and the crater was fogged over, because we were up literally in the clouds, so then it started to rain and the fog and clouds cleared back a little, and a little bit of sun came up so you can see the crater, you`ll see it later in the photos. P.S you`re going to have to photo shop my tongue out of a lot of the photos hahahahaaha oops.

Mom: oh and did they drive you or did you take a bus? AARON!! You and your tongue!! haha  

Aaron: Yeah an investigator, and a recent convert drove us, payed for us to get in, bought us a shirt, mailing cards and a hot chocolate and then later bought us lunch (expensive lunch)... super good man, i tried to pay him a little after but he refused and said that we`re like family to them and that it would always be free. Such a good man. He`s a doctor. okays! I think i just about gotta go, but it was good to be able to talk to you a bit, i have like 118 more photos to put on.. let me see if another member can put them on for me:) if so, you`ll see em in a bit. 

Mom: That is super nice of him! Really nice of him to do that!  What a blessing for you to see something cool!!
Ok - Sad it's a fast chat but glad we got to chat even for a little bit!! So happy that you were able to go see something cool today - tell this member thank you for me as well! What a blessing it is to have people so generous and kind to take care of you for me!! 
I'm so proud of you Aaron!! So very thankful for the great things happening in your life!! I know you are on the Lords errand and doing a great work for Him and that you are a blessing unto MANY - you probably don't even know how many or ever will in this lifetime even - that you have had an impact on.  Will look forward to more photos soon and chatting more with you next week!! LOVE YOU!!

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  1. He's so cute! LOVE the photos, they are incredible!!!