Monday, July 20, 2015


Nope! Still here haha. An elder passed away this week so we went to his memorial service yesterday, pretty sad but I didnt know him very well. But the Spirit was super strong when President Hayes was talking. We rushed and got some areas in our zone to bring flowers.. we called them an hour before and they were robbing flowers from trees and then Elder Parker used them to make a lei for the mom. Some areas in our zone had changes, they closed the sisters area in our ward.. so we´ll have to work there, it´ll be a little tricky but di, vamos a ver que pasa. Then lots of areas are being opened in other zones.. lots of sisters are training and opening areas. Elder Escarcega and I get along well. We´ve been reactivating some members, and we´ve seen some good results.. we´ve gotten rid of all our pridefulness.. and now we´re finally seeing the fruit of our labors! One of our less actives asked me a really good question yesterday, they went to church 2 weeks ago, and then this last one he didn´t go. They hadn´t gone in a long time because they´re constructing apartments above his house so that they can rent them and make more money.. he works long hours everyday except Sunday, Sunday is the only day he cant work on his apartments. So he asked... ¨Why is it that we get blessed with the money we need to work on our apartments and buy the materials?¨ Ït´s like God is giving us blessings and we need to use them¨ I told him.. I guess that depends on what type of blessings you´re looking for in your life. Are you looking for the blessings that matter most or the ones that come and go with this life? And he sat and thought for a long time. I think we´re making good progress. I really like the talk ¨Of Things that Matter Most¨, by Elder Uchtdorf. I encourage you all to look it up and watch it. Think of your life and what things really matter most. 

Elder Lohberg
Ma made us Tres Leches for changes :)

Mom: Well Hello there :)
So your ward now has 2 sets of missionaries instead of 3 - I figured they will have to do some readjusting in the mission as they get settled into having 2 missions.  From what has been posted on the Facebook page- a LOT of sister missionaries are being called out to Costa Rica - so should be a flood of them coming out shortly - I think they were all entering into the MTC this month.
I love that talk by Elder Uchtdorf as well - great talk!! Great response to his question.  I think we can be blessed by the adversary as well - as he can "bless" us with worldly things - tricking us at times to think that we are being blessed by Heavenly Father.  Obviously Heavenly Father does bless us and at times it is in "worldly things" but usually those "worldly blessings" will help us to further his work - and come as we are doing our part.
Did the whole mission get together for the funeral or just some? did West mission come out for it as well or only East?

"my comp felt fat so I ate 3 thirds of it haha" **mom note 3 thirds? haha!

Aaron: I talked about that too. Just our half.. those that wanted to go. Yeahh.. I want to train again.. I liked training and I want to open an area.. Zone leader is a lot of work haha.. like.. paperwork/planning/phonecalls/texts.. I don´t like that haha but oh wells keep swimming! it´s cool that i can talk to Parker and Toledo, they both had changes, basically they just swapped spots.

Mom: I'm sure if you said something to president in interviews at some point that you wanted to train he would take that in consideration :)
You never know I guess :)
I can imagine the "paperwork" stuff is a nightmare to keep up on.  I didn't think you'd have changes - you'd said last week that President had mentioned you'd be staying - so figured you would be the same.  
How are things coming along with M? anything happening there with her?

Gizzard: "the fight was real...I had to cut it SUPER small bites"
Aaron: Maybe.. they´re looking for lots of zone leaders.. also I don't want to change the Lord´s will.. idk..  Nah.. they still don't want to change

Mom: question - I was re-reading your email - so the guy works long hours and Sunday is the only day he CAN work on his apartments? or CANT work on them?  I was sort of confused - just trying to fully understand his question.  So he was saying - I work long hours to get $$ so I can build the apartments (on my day off - Sunday?) so we can make $$? or ?

Aaron: it´s the only day he can. He doesn´t make much money.. but it´s his time.. he only has time on Sunday and he wants money too... because he can rent them to supplement his cruddy construction job. 

Mom: ok - I understand then - he can only work on the apartments on Sundays - so he doesn't come to church because of that. "Sunday is the only day he cant work on his apartments."  in the email it said "can't" so I was confused - but was thinking you meant he was working on them that day - but then re-read it and thought maybe not - then thought I should clarify :P

Aaron: oh whoops.. yeah it´s the only day he can. Typo. fetch. How´ve you been then? today i´m going to drop my shoes off and get have a guy replace the bottom part and make them tight again.. because they don't have shoelaces they are SUPER loose, like a 13 or 14 i think.. so we´ll see how we´ll he does. He told me that $20 and they´ll last me 7-8 months more at least.. not bad right? 

Mom: sounds like a good plan to me!  Yes $20 is a good deal if they will last you!  
Things are well - I stayed home from the food bank to type at you this morning - you have been emailing at 9:30 (our time) - what kept you this morning? what have you been up to today?

Aaron: We were putting the numbers in.. then we went to get pizza and then came back to write.. also handling the changes and everything.. calling and figuring out everything

Mom: so your area is super large now eh? so with the sisters leaving - did they leave you any investigators to work with?

Aaron: not very many.. all their investigators were in the area of the elders.. they were robbing them.. lol. but all the members are in their area.  but yeah the areas big.. we´re trying to figure out how we´ll handle it with the other elders 

Mom: that's tough - when I was in Chattanooga we had a HUGE ward boundary - and we would have to work "areas" based on either the day or week - because it was just so large.  So I understand that issue for sure.  You will need to rely on the Spirit to direct you so you will know where you will have the most effect.
another haircut by Aaron :)

Aaron: yeah.. i cut my hair again today.. didn't turn out quite as well. the back is always the hardest because i only have 2 shards of a mirror haha.

Mom: why don't you go buy a mirror if you plan to do this regularly?

Aaron: i might.. diay we´ll see what happens lol

Mom: you should get one you could hang on a nail or something so you can use both hands ;)

Aaron: i usually just wet my hair and spike it all up and start cutting lol.. with normal scissors.

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