Monday, July 13, 2015

I forgot to write a general mail!‏

Summary: I´ve found a new love again for reading the scriptures because our next President has taught us some really cool things that I´d never known, concerning the numbers 3, 7, 12, and 40 in the scriptures. I´ll explain more next week but look into it=) I remember that in Heredia I had an agenda with a page that had 39 references to the number 3 in the scriptures.. and now I know what it means!!!!!! I love you all! 
Elder Lohberg

**we started typing back and forth BEFORE he sent off his general letter - and he forgot and had to rush one out - so it was SUPER short :)

Aaron: hey my watch broke haha

Mom: can you pick up a new one there or do you want me to send you one?  sorry your 'ultra cool' watch broke :( how are things Aaron? besides the broken watch?  How has your week gone? Tell me about interviews with Pres. Hayes - how are things with your comp?  Gators? etc :D

Aaron: yeah i´ll find one! It went well, I really love him, he´s a good man, and he´s really good and showing his love for his missionaries. We´re doing well, sometimes we fight haha but not much, he´s really like letter of the law and i´m spirit of the law when it comes to how numbers work I´m spirit of the law, but we´re getting along well haha. Our areas growing little by little, we probably wont baptize this month, we just dont have people with enough times in the church, but next month for sure! 

Mom: I'm so glad you love your new mission president.  I hope he is a blessing for you while you are there.  Haha - meanie! your poor comp :P  So were you standing next to your comp in the zone picture?  I was trying to figure out who was your comp but couldn't read the tags.
Also - did you sign the Wilkinsons flag? if so - do you sort of remember where?  there's like a billion signatures on it so I'm sure I won't be able to find you on there but still - just curious (you know me!)
Just keep swimming - work the best you can and strive to have the Spirit with you and people will change because of that Spirit you carry - baptisms will come for sure :)
When is the next transfer? You think you'll probably stay there for another transfer length?

Aaron: I signed it.. but he didnt like advertise it or anything.. i just saw it and i was like, welp yea! and signed it haha.. in the bottom right corner in the middlish i think.  next week is transfers. i´ll be staying i think, almost 100% he told me oh, you guys will keep together then! 

Mom: interesting - he told you that you'd stay together? probably because you've only been together a short bit and you're working well together then? that's good then I guess?  You ok with that?  Do you like working in your ward? 
I've been searching on the map trying to find kind of where you are located - can you give me any landmarks to look for? like stores or anything? something on one end and then the opposite end?  Where is your church located? I found two in the area I think you might be close to.

Aaron: Yeah i´m fine with that. No it´s because we´re not fighting and we´re improving a bit.. but no baptisms =(.. second month in my whole mission that i haven´t baptized, oh well!! I WILL KEEP THE FAITH=D. The ward is rough, the bishop and some people are AMAZING. Super dedicated.... I will take a picture and show you. 
Hold on. 

Mom: cool!!! thank you for sending that to me - you are further south than I had originally thought - when I type in El Carmen on google map it took me more in the zoo area - but you are south west of that area actually - I can see a place called Las Americas which is by where you said you lived - so I see now sort of your area!  Thank you for sending that to me :)

Aaron: I marked where I live, we live on the main street of El Carmen=). I really love it here.. it´s hard.. and I almost have photos of nothing.. I might carry my camera more.. I haven´t been assaulted yet, should be okay, it´s only a tiny bit dangerous here. But i want more photos.. Even though there´s not much to photograph.. maybe the people at least.

Mom: well even just getting pictures of things you see daily - daily life as it were.  I'm sure you see things that at this point are just common to you - but you are living in a really neat place - and I'm sure experiencing interesting things (even if you don't always recognize it) - take pictures of food :) memories of the wacky stuff you've had :) 
lunch :)

Aaron: if i get robbed will u be upset lol

Mom: of your camera?  I will be sad that you don't have it and will have to figure out how to get another to you - but you should take pictures for sure.  Buy some duct tape and tape the camera up so it looks old :p I'd be more worried if you got hurt than the loss of a camera - that is my only concern - your safety
oh - I just looked at the blog and see the picture of your comp from a few weeks ago - so I see him in the zone picture - he's in the middle of the group not next to you - ok - I was thinking I didn't recognize the guy next to you :)  His hair looks longer than the last picture I'd seen of him and you cut it? 

 Aaron: yeah... but he has a weird head.. the hair goes in all directions.. and latino hair is super hard to cut haha.. super hard and it doesn´t lift up.. so i had to keep lifting and cutting. 

Mom: haha! tell me about it!! SOME does lift up though and it just stands STRAIGHT up which is like - doh! now what do I do to get it to lay down!!  The hair is course and it is hard to cut for sure! how are you on time? 

Aaron: I think i´m almost out. I love you mom, I hope you had an awesome trip. I´ll start taking more photos of random things haha, just pray that we dont get robbed haha. 

Mom: ok! be safe!!!  Love you tons! Did the picture come through my gmail account of grandma and Kara & I?  If not I will send it to you next week - LOVE YOU!!!
Aaron: yeah i got it! 

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