Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Upe buenas!‏

Hello everyone. This week went really well, I´m running out of things to tell you week by week haha. We´re working with a family now, A, R, and they have 3 kids. They´ve been progressing really quickly, we met the wife on the street walking like 3 weeks ago, and they´ve come to church every week since! Two of their kids have baptismal dates for the 21st of March. Hopefully everything goes well these weeks, we´re going to be working really hard to help them. The wife the husband will take a little bit longer, because they need to get married, but she won´t marry him until he stops going out to drink. So... with the gospel everything will work out well haha, when she told us that we were like awwww yeeaaahhhh haha. Everything will go well I believe! 

Heredia Zone SINGING for Multi Zone Conference
We bought food at PriceSmart (Cosco) like 2 weeks ago, and it´s ALL from the states, like some burgers, poptarts, some super expensive granola, etc. It´s been taking a huge toll on my companion haha, he told me Americans are weak of stomach because we can´t handle their spicy foods, so far I have been putting more chili more spices on my food then he has haha, he also has been dying from American food hahahaha. It makes me laugh all the time. Changes are coming up, but i´m not really thinking about them, I´m okay with going wherever the Lord needs me. Les quiero mucho, gracias por sus cartas, que les vaya bien esta semana y cuídense mucho. A cachete!

**from emails back and forth:
Mom: Happy that you are doing well - that your gators are progressing - you probably will get transferred - isn't transfers next week?
Aaron & his comp (right) Elder Contraras
Aaron: yeah transfers is next week, but i talked to president at the multizona this last week haha, all the lunch tables filled up minus the one where he was sitting with the elder from the area presidency, so i asked if we could sit there haha, he knows a lot he told me ¨Elder Lohberg, congratulations that you  brought 6 people to the church, when will they be baptized?¨ hahaha so i answered him with everything I had, but i think he might test what i´ve said, wait to change me until my district does well, we´re 2 weeks into this month with 0 baptisms right now.. so we´ll see, he might test meh

Mom: What does Upe mean? and then what does the last part of your letter mean? tried google translate but it doesn't translate well / :
Aaron: Upe is from the word Disculpe, out in the country here they say that when they knock on doors, so we say it too, that´s the only way i learned, it´s like this, knock on the door and then yell Upe Buenas, it´s like, excuse me, hello! and A cachete here is slang for like, awesome, or like cool

Mom: interesting - they don't translate over - but good to know what they mean - cachete in translate was cheek!
Aaron: yeah, it´s because its slang haha, A cachete = cheek but they say like, you have a full cheek of food, like rich or wealthy, it´s like saying oooo that´s wealthy. 

Mom: tell me again what Pure Vida means again? We found a site that says you pronounce it: POO-DAH BEE-tha is that how you'd pronounce it there?

Aaron:  Pura Vida.. it means pure life, it´s like.. Hakuna Matata hahahhahaha IT MEANS NO WORRIES FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYSSSS, IT¨S OUR PROBLEM FREEE, PHILOSOPHY, IT¨S PURA VIDAAAA. Hahaha, it´s like, everythings good.  (mom note - can totally hear Aaron singing this!)

Multi Zone conference with Elder Alonso of the Seventy

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