Tuesday, February 24, 2015

O Dearest 6 Months, Where Did you Go?‏

Hello Everybody, 

I hope you have all been safe and happy! This week has been really rewarding for me, M did get baptized Sunday, it went really well and she was super happy. So, that´s one family that now has the fullness of the Gospel in their lives. Hopefully they invited me to the temple in a year to see their sealing for time and all eternity, they told me they would! I´ve been thinking a lot lately, about how to help the district, how I could help these other missionaries, my companion who is new, and also myself to be excited about working hard and seeing miracles. I decided today in the morning before the district meeting that I was going to talk about faith. More precisely that I was going to talk about Alma 32. This chapter in the Book of Mormon explains very clearly what faith is. It compares faith to a seed, that we nurture and help to grow and that as it grows it will bring our lives great joy. This chapters also applies really well to missionary work. We as missionaries plant seeds in the lives of other people, we work with faith, believing that they will want to accept the gospel. We add works to our faith to show that we have faith, but also because we love these people, we want to nurture them and help them become strong. ¨Faith without works is death in itself¨ If we don´t nurture these seeds carefully, their seeds will remain dormant as though they were dead. But in the end, if we work and nurture and prune as well as we can. We will reap the reward for our labors. Or as it says in Alma 32 our reward will be the fruit of our labors, which is more pure than all that is pure, more white than all that is white (Baptismal clothes =D), more precious than all that is precious. We will see our friends and loved ones enter into the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father and of Jesus Christ here on the earth. I´m thankful for all your love and support. Have faith that God will help you in all that you do in your life. Have faith that he exists, and that he loves you. I know he does, I have no doubt. We are His children and He has a plan for each and every single one of us. Until next week!

Love, Elder Lohberg. 
G & M on M's baptism day 

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