Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Allo mis Amigos y Peeps

Aaron and his "kid" Elder Contreras
Well good day my beloved friends. I do indeed hope that you have enjoyed this delightful week that has now slipped from between the very tipsies of our little fingers. But yeah, this week was pretty cool... lots of stuff happened, I´ve been super busy haha. Monday and Tuesday I had to take an Elder as my companion to the office, because he was going home, finished the mission. And then Wednesday I got my companion, Elder Contreras from Mexico. He´s pretty new... has a lot to learn, but then again all of us do, ehh? 

Having a new companion has put a lot of stress on my shoulders, added with being district leader and I was really struggling for a time with everything. I decided that I was going to relieve this stress by working as hard as I could... I don´t know why I thought that would be a good solution but that´s what I did. When Sunday came the results for our labors during the week weren´t where I wanted them at all... but I talked to a really good friend of mine here, a member, and he gave me encouragement and helped me out.. after that I worked harder with only one goal. I´m going to work as hard as I can, become the best as I can, but i´m not going to stress too much when I fail. I´m just gunna get back up and keep working. I´m grateful for all the support you guys give me, I hope you have been safe and are enjoying every day of your life=) one day we will meet again, and as the Sons of Mosiah, I hope we are all strong in the Lord. =D 

Elder Lohberg!

**from typing back and forth this week:
Aaron: haha sorry, we were in Alajuela for a multi zone conference with president cordon... fetch.. my life is so hard now, haha... training and to be district leader sucks all my time... it´s super tiring, doesn´t look like we´re going to hit the goal again and they gunna cut meh head off.. i´m thinking about just going ham to help them prepare for march. 
Mom: what is going "ham"?
Aaron: going ham is like giving it my all
Mom: well then - there you go - go HAM big time - as that's really all you can do.
Aaron:  I gotsta go mom, but i love you, love the family so muchhhhh!!!! :D :D :D: :D we´ll talk, Ima work hard and have lots of faith

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  1. Ok that last line sounds so much like Spencer I'm dying of laughter! So glad they have one another to lean on. :)