Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wooooooooopppss, almost forgot to send a general email!‏

¿Como están rasticos? Hello!! This week went well, we worked really hard with M, G´s wife, and the plan is that she will be baptized this Sunday before church! We also started working harder with J´s family, J was baptized in December I believe, and he has been awesome! He´s been sending messages and talking to all of his friends, asking if they want to listen to us haha, it´s funny how he does it, he sent one message, ¨Mae, pregunta a su mama si ella quiere escuchar dos maes de la Iglesia.¨ We need to help with that, haha. Translation is like, ¨Dude, ask your mom if she wants to listen to two dudes from the church.¨ But what´s really cool is that he is talking with all his friends, he has this desire to share what he now holds dearly. We invited him last Saturday to invite his family to church (They aren't members) and he told us, ¨I already did, S (his brother) says he will come.¨ 

I love being able to see how different J´s life is now that he has the gospel, and how much he wants to share it with others. J is only 14 and he goes door to door with us talking to the people and sharing his testimony. I always wish I would have done more before I came out here haha, that I would have gone out with the missionaries more, tried to help more in the Lord´s work. I encourage you all to do so now, do what you can, talk to your friends, talk to your family and then talk to the missionaries, they will help you as best as they can. Have a desire and then act on it. 

Love, Elder Lohberg!  
What do missionaries do on preparation day (p-day) you ask? Well they play ping pong! They play basketball or soccer.  They take random pictures with ginormous zebra's (:

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