Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I´ve Made a Huge Mistake

Not Really!!! Just that I can´t think of any more subject titles. I hope all of you had a happy new years, that is was full of family time and shenanigans and the sort. Really it´s crazy every time I sit down at these computers to type to you guys haha, the feeling of wow.. another week passed already? I cant remember if I already told you guys this but in July of this year the Costa Rica mission will be dividing into two missions, so if you have friends who are preparing to serve, there is a higher chance that they come here now! This week we had 9 investigators join us for church on Sunday, which was really cool, because everyone who comes to church feels something different. They always believe what they learn, and they receive personal revelation, something that as missionaries is impossible to force someone to receive. The only way they will receive their answers, their guidance and the surety that this is the true church, is to act. We invite them to pray, to read the scriptures, and to come to church. Three basic actions that make up the difference between knowing, and continuing on in their own ways. Our loving Heavenly Father has given us the way, he has given us the path to return and live with Him. I have no doubt in my mind that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. In this church one can find for himself, all the ordinances and teachings of our Savior, Jesus Christ. In this church is the divinely given power to perform these ordinances, power that without such these ordinances would be nothing more than words. This power, the priesthood, allows us to bind things on earth in heaven. We can have eternal families, we can receive our exaltation and we can enjoy the the presence of our Heavenly Father again. Thank you for all your support and letters and enjoy this next week! 

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