Tuesday, January 27, 2015

¨However Long or Hard the Road¨

G baptism =D
G & M on G's baptism day = D 
Whelp, everything has been tuanis down here in the land down under... Nicaragua. G was baptized this Sunday after the church meetings, and if everything goes as planned this next Sunday he´s going to be confirmed a member, receive the Holy Ghost, receive the Priesthood, and then baptize his wife. Not sure if it´s possible, or correct, but our Bishop came up with the idea and so we´re going to do it=D. We´ve been trying really hard as a zone to continue becoming better because everytime our success is like a mountain, we climb up and then we peak and then we fall again, so we´re really trying to become consistent. What we learned today as a zone is that we´re going to have a new goal for March it appears, of 250 baptisms and confirmations. We´ll see how that goes, means we´ll have to work effectively and plan well for this month of February. I know it´s possible, because all things are possible through Jesus Christ, and furthermore this is his work, he wants his brothers and sisters to follow him, our Heavenly Father wants his children to return home. I like the quote from general conference, and I don´t have it with me word for word but it was something like, ¨What we do is a drop in the ocean, but if we didn´t do it the ocean would be one drop less than it is.¨ The key to missionary work is to work together, it sounds cheesy but it´s true. We´re all God´s children, He loves each and everyone of us, as the missionaries work with the members, as the members work with the investigators, the work will grow, the lost will return home, and the kingdom of God will continue to spread here on the earth. I have no doubt that this is the Lord´s work, we are blessed, everyone of us, to be able to participate, to be here, I encourage all of you search the will of your Father in Heaven, find someone in need and help them. You will find no greater, lasting, joy in this life than to help your fellow being. Thank you for your support.
With much love, 
Elder Lohberg
M will be baptized by G next Sunday = D

**extra emailing back and forth:
Mom: Transfers are next week as well?
Aaron: this monday, the 2nd, it´s possible that I leave, the zone leader thinks my companion will leave, that i´ll stay, or it´s possible we both stay, anything can happen
Mom: your comp just got there!  would be great if you could both stay one more transfer since you just got put together / :
Aaron: i would like to go to a new area, but i would also like to stay here with Elder Toledo, or i dont know, we´re planning on changing houses here, to an apartment that is owned by the bishop, that is like a connection of his house, but it´s going to be really small, it´ll be cool because we wont walk hardly as much, but it will be cramped, i am really fine with whatever happens. The Zone leader thinks (thinks) i will stay and train or something and Elder Toledo will go ZL
Mom: When would you move to the new apartment?  like the end of this month (this week then) or next month?
Aaron: Well, we saw the bishops apartment he offered us on Saturday, yesterday night some crazy gangster in front of our house (they´re always gangsters in front smoking and stuff) shot the ground 6 times with his pistol, and Toledo looked and saw the gun, and that Thursday last week the zone leader from El Salvador also, like my comp, said we should change houses, because where we live is ineffective and dangerous haha. So, we´re pretty sure we don't have a contract, but the woman asked us a while ago to give her like a months notice, but after the gunshots we decided to take the offer, we told the bishop we going to try and get permission, and we set it up for him to help us tomorrow morning at 9 haha... so this was a 3 day decision really. we´ll see if we have permission, but were gonna leave without giving 1 month notice. 
Ya I gots to go, but I love talking to you guys, I love ya all, I hope you enjoy this next week and we´ll talk next tuesday, see whats changed!! =D Bye! 
Much Love and Humility, 

Super, Awesome, Amazing, Talented, Strong, Brave, Courageous, Intelligent, Wise, Elder Lohberg

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