Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hello, my Dear Friends of the State of Washington, and other lands.

Hope everything is going well out there. Things are tuanis here, learning everyday like normal. Had a super Spiritual event this week with one of our families. We´ve been working with a couple named G and M and their little girl who has like, 6 months I think. They´ve been progressing really quickly and now we´re preparing G to be baptized this Saturday, the 24th, if everything works out with his work. After his baptism, we are going to work with him so that he can receive the Aaronic Priesthood before the 6th of February, with the goal in mind that he can baptize his wife. Super exciting to see my first family change and accept the gospel in their lives. G tells us almost every single time we meet of all the blessings he has received from God, of how grateful he is for all that he has been given. 

It really is a blessing to be here in Costa Rica. I know that families are ordained of God, they´re a gift he has given us, and when they act in accordance to the plan that our Heavenly Father has given us we can find happiness, more abundant than in any other place. Our Heavenly Father desires that we are happy, that we learn to be happy, and that we learn the gospel of His son, Jesus Christ, in a loving environment where we can grow together. I hope that you all enjoy this coming week and am grateful for all your messages and the love you show. 

Hasta Luego, 
Elder Lohberg
Baptism of A

sisters area in Ojo De Agua

*from extra emailing back and forth:
Me: How was your divisions last week? I looked that up on the map - where you went to - looks pretty far away - how long did it take you to get there?  What was your divisions comp like?
Aaron: Haha, yeah divisions in Ojo De Agua with Elder Guerrero, zone leaders, it was like 30_45 minute bus ride i think, the climate was much hotter and it was more like country, he is cool, this was the second time i did divisions with him. 

Me: what's your week look like for this week? what plans do you have - do you have "appointments" scheduled - lessons with investigators? Have you ever touched base with the sad lady who was crying again? or how about the guy you met in the park - can't remember his name to be honest
Aaron: nope, she basically doesn´t want anything and the sad guy in the park moved away, haha, but they were cool miracles to start, we planted seeds. none really, we don't make appointments here like firm firm, because everyone works and almost no one knows their schedules, so we just pass by and yeah

Me:so basically you have to take advantage of the moment when it presents itself to teach then eh? Tell me what a typical day is like for you - like how do you decide where to go each day?
Aaron: We basically work one street everyday, but we branch out every now and then, like we have one investigator who is like 10-14 minutes from this street so we visit him every now and then, his baptismal date is the 14th of feb. and we also work other areas when we do divisions with the members, other than that just this street. 

Me: when are changes? do you want to transfer or? I'm thinking if you could stay one more transfer and then go to Guancaste you might have a better chance of staying on the west side
thoughts? had any impressions - do you feel like your transferring?
you and your comp are doing so well - would president move you when you're clearly working well together?
Aaron: i think like, the first week of February, i really like my companion, but i would like to see new areas, i´d also like to see G baptize M, and E and his cousin were two people i contacted on the street so it would be cool to see them baptized too, but i don't know, what ever the Lord wants=) i would like to stay one more and then Guancaste too, that´s the meta, i want to go to Nicoya, Parker was in Liberia, and Toledo in Nicoya and his photos are amazing, of the beach, they hiked a mountain and the photos look UNREAL. I don´t know how president works. We´ll see, i am not sure how i feel, if i will go or not haha, i can´t tell. 
for meeting the zone baptism goal of 200 their zone got to have breakfast at the presidents house along with the Limon zone

I love you too mom, so much!! Thanks for taking the time to talk with me every week, I really hope everything is well in Washington, we pray for you guys in every single prayer we do haha.. a lot=D I love you guys so much!!!!!

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  1. Loved this letter so much! And HE ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS! Spencer has gotten so bad about that haha