Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hallo Errybody‏

papusas made by my comp
Hmm, this week we were going to have a baptism, but we ran into some problems with our bishop and documentation that he claims is from the church, so we rescheduled the baptism for this Saturday, the 17th! My companion is super tuanis, yesterday we made papusas, which is what they eat all the time in El Salvador, and they were pretty good, but he said they usually have Chicharron in them but it´s different than the chicharron here, so we just made bean and cheese haha. We had a lesson with a family, a husband, wife, and their little baby, and we were going to talk about the plan of salvation, but ended up just answering their questions and doubts. We didn´t think much of the lesson, because it wasn´t much, sure we all felt the Spirit, but we didn´t teach that much. That Sunday the husband came to church, like always, but this time his spouse came too. This was the first time she has come to church because for almost all my time here in Heredia she lived in Puntarrenas, but, she´s been here in Heredia 3 weeks now, and she finally came to church! She told me that she had a ton of questions now, but it was cool to see them sitting together as a family in church. A member asked her if she was a member and she said no (he´s a returned missionary and I think he did this on purpose haha because he asked when she was going to be baptized) and she responded that she needs 3 times in the chapel to be baptized (we had explained this because the idea is that her husband can be baptized and then baptize her) and so it was really cool haha that she said she wants to be baptized basically, just that she needs the times in the chapel. So we´re going to place the baptismal date for her husband and her, 2 or 3 weeks apart, so that he can baptize her. Super exciting! Every single day as a missionary is a testimony to me of the truthfulness and completeness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and of the Book of Mormon. I have no doubt that this is the true church of our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. That the Book of Mormon, with 239 chapters, testifies that he is our Savior, that he is our King, and that paid the price for us. With 233 chapters that testify of Him in the Book of Mormon, there is no other book that teaches us more of our Savior. I encourage you all to stay strong, feast on the words of the scriptures, and delight in their power.

From extra emailing back and forth:
ha yesterday was my first zone activity.. 4 months and finally i get one haha.. we played soccer almost all day and then we went to carls junior and ate and talked for like 2 hours. I made goals and everything, one of the district leaders from el salvador stole my companion because he is from there too, but my team won 4 rounds in a row haha, it was awesome because we had one elder from mexico, Elder Aviña and he had a surgery on his leg so he cant run very fast or anything for soccer but we put him in as goaly and he rocked it and elder Cruz from honduras and I did everything on the field, it was us 3 and a sister, she helped, we always passed it to her haha
"fetching soccer = ( I sowed it but they look like crap"

well, i mean that she helped a little, she didn't do much, but we tried to make it fun for her and passed the ball and everything
hmm, i put on sunscreen almost everyday, i forgot to day, and i´m going to be on divisions today and tomorrow in a different area that is hotter, ojo de agua, but yesterday i put it on for everything to play soccer, accept for my legs.. needless to say my legs are very well burnt now. Haha, but they´re super white so it´s okay. Also i fear that my eyes are gunna be charred and i will have spots when i´m older like grandma, but we cant use sunglasses,  i´m praying the new mission president says we can haha
"cheapy but they look awesome, $3 well spent" "sunglasses in the house, aww yeah" not mission approved so sadly he will wear them in his apartment and scorch his eyes outside = (

Gotta go, Love ya mom!!!!!! good to talk thanks for everything!!!!! tell errybody i love em!!!! yah!!!!!!!

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