Monday, November 3, 2014

Bit of a Short Message This Week

Hello, everybody! This week has been pretty busy because Tuesday night we got rid of Elder Solis and he went home because he finished his mission. So, we have been trying to get accustomed to just the two of us and really we´ve been trying to learn our area because it´s massive and we don´t know most of it.

**above is what came - and then we got the following shortly after ( :

Okay... it wasn´t supposed to be that short... this computer is really bad and it randomly like saved my message and then sent it. So, the highlight of the week I guess would be Thursday where Elder Parker and I were really trying to put into practice all the things he had learned at a leadership meeting the day before with President Wilkinson and also from the district meeting we had gone to. Really what our focus is is that we are trying to find families, because that´s what the gospel is all about and that´s also how we´re going to meet our goals as a mission, so that day we just started talking to everyone, and it must have been guidance from the Spirit and blessings from heaven because we found a family of 5 and another family of like 4+ so we taught them both and had extremely Spiritual lessons and it really just gave us a lot of energy for the week. When we left the lessons that night we knew we had been blessed and it felt really good! I want to write more my friends but this computer is pretty bad so i´m going to cut it off here! Keep being awesome.

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