Monday, October 27, 2014

Viva la Liga!‏

Pura Vida,

Hello, so this week went pretty well. Gunna hit up some of the highlights: Elder Solis leaves us tomorrow and catches his plane for the states on Thursday in the morning, so he has been super trunky.. which means he talks about going home a lot and is more lazy. It has been harder to try and work every single hour because of his trunkiness haha but we had a good week. We had a baptism Saturday, the second one that I've been here for. There weren't very many members who showed up. There were only about 8-10 people there, including us three missionaries, but it was good. The spirit was there. The person we baptized is named E; she's a friend of Diego. I'm not sure how much I have told you guys about Diego, but basically he's been a member for about 8 months now and he goes on divisions with us and drives us around. He's really cool. Only his nephew and him are members but Elder Parker and I are planning to really buckle down on getting his whole family baptized and then working off references from them. So, that's basically our big goal right now.
Que Mas, I bought a Costa Rica jersey today. Elder Parker tempted me to buy it, but it's really cool looking so I can't complain. He also gave me a Liga shirt for free, and it's pretty much new it's only missing a *r* for one of the words on the front but I don't mind. He has like 14 jerseys; he's buying tons of them. I have two now. Also, I should probably explain that Liga is one of the three biggest soccer teams here inside Costa Rica. Elder Solis and Parker are both originally Liga fans so even though I started my mission in Heredia and Heredia is one
of the three big teams, I chose to be for Liga haha. The actual name is like Liga de Alajuelense or something like that, but the short is just Liga or you are Liguista. The other two big teams are Saprissa and Heredia. Heredia apparently sucks but Liga just lost to them. So yeah, soccer is pretty fun to talk about here. Everyone has a team they follow and so you almost instantly become friends with someone if you follow their team. Surprisingly, a lot of people here in Heredia are Liguistas. I think it has to do with the colors of the teams because Liga is black and red, Heredia is yellow and red, and Saprissa is like maroon/pinkish and white. 

Highlight of the week: 
My companions and I did splits on like Thursday or something like that and I went with C. A.. He's a return missionary from a family we eat lunch with every Sunday and we got a reference from a member for a neighbor of their's who she said was a family. The big focus for us is families and so we decided to go talk to them. C tapped his coin on the gate and I gave the common greeting *when you knock on gates here you say like "upe, buenas" but in Guanacaste where Elder Parker just came from they say "upe, tuanis" so I use that here, which people find funny because it really only makes sense in Guanacaste. Basically they mean, excuse me, good day, and excuse me, cool people are here* and so the husband came out and wasn't very friendly but we managed to get him to get his wife who was technically the reference we received. When the wife came out she didn't look very excited to see us and was like a little annoyed but C started to say, "We asked all the neighbors who around here was the most popular and they all said you, R, so we decided to stop by because we're missionaries..." and her face instantly turned into a smile and she let us in hahaha. So we taught this family, that we found out was Catholic, all about prophets. The father literally said that he saw a need for prophets and they were like grateful for our message haha, which I found super funny because they're practicing Catholics. They quickly say they see a need for a prophet but don't have one. We're going back this coming Friday to teach them more. C kept telling me that we need them in the ward, that the dad would be the next bishop. I found this experience really cool and also pretty funny:).
repollo, chincharon and chilerepollo is cabbage basically. chincharon is fried pig rinds and the chile is just like vegetables that they leave soaking in something on their table.

Spanish for you guys!:
Algo que he estado pensando sobre es una escritura in segunda Nefi. No recuerdo donde esta en este momento pero lo que dice es que cada dicipulo de Jesucristo tiene una cruz como el. Y este me da una poca de revelacion, que necesitamos ser como Jesucristo, si somos sus dicipulos verdaderos, necesitamos ser como el, y hacer las cosa que el haria. Entonces, mi invitacion para ustedes es que les invito de ser como Jesuscristo, guardar los mandomientos, ayudar personas que necesitan ayuda, orar para cambiar su vida mas como la vida de nuestro Salvador. Y sigan los susurros del Espiritu para cambiar and mejorar su vida.

Translation= Something that I have been thinking about lately is a scripture in second Nephi. I don't remember where it is at this moment but what it says it that every disciple of Jesus Christ carries a cross like His. And this gave me a bit of revelation, that we need to be like Jesus Christ. If we are His true disciples we need to be like Him and do the things that He would do. So, my invitation for you all is to be like Jesus Christ; keep the commandments, help people that need help, pray to change your life to be more like the life of our Savior. Follow the promptings of the Spirit to change and better your life.

Hope you guys are enjoying life, thanks for all the support!  

**side note in our typing that I thought was funny: 
I'm going to buy a backpack probably. Elder Parker has a friend in the mission who dies this transfer and he's going to bring him a bag when his parents pick him up here, I think. He said if he does bring him one he would be okay with giving me his old one, which is pretty well used but I can sew it up no problem. It'd still probably outlast what I buy here:) I love sewing haha I'm soo good at it.

I sewed Elder Solis's shirt pocket, and Elder Parker's pants, and Elder Solis is dying so he gave me his kit haha it should last pretty long. I also sewed an umbrella for Elder Parker and fixed it and I sewed a button on my umbrella for where you roll it up and I sewed my BYU shorts, the ones that I ripped the crotch on haha. Elder Parker's pants have ripped 5 times, but I sewed it and he's had it for a week and he played basketball and soccer in them and they've been fine, so I'm basically a master sewer.

Catholic temples / churches by his apartment

pictures of the money

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  1. So glad Aaron can sew. I'll bet his companions are, too. Every missionary should acquire the skill before they head out.