Monday, November 17, 2014

Sticky keyboard again, but I will try my best to make this message nice!‏

Pura Vida, everybody! This week we had our 3rd baptism, on Saturday. That would probably be the highlight of the week, to be honest. Everything we did this entire past week was focused on ensuring that the baptism went through as planned. The person who was baptized had some problems before in his life that required the mission president, or his counselors, to do the baptismal interview (to make sure he is ready to be baptized), but the mission president and his wife were actually at a conference somewhere. So, we had to ask his counselors. One of them agreed to do the interview on Friday, but then on Friday he called us and backed out saying he was too far away or something. Luckily, our zone leaders called the president, even though we weren´t supposed to and he gave us permission to use the stake president to do the interview. The baptism went well; we had a better turn out then last time, about 10 people. But, the confirmation needs to be redone, I believe. The bishop keeps saying ´´By the authority that we hold´´ instead of ´´by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood that we hold´´ and we told him that we´re pretty sure that doesn´t count/that it´s not valid, but he said, ´´We hold the priesthood, so thank you for your care Elders but it was done well.´´ So.. then we went to the stake president's counselor who served a mission haha because we´re in the stake center. We found him and told him what happened and he agreed with us and is going to talk to the bishop... but... in the meantime we have 1 maybe 2 converts walking around without the gift of the Holy Ghost. 

Follow-up on Jorge! We did go back and teach J. We taught him most of the message of the Restoration, but we noticed that he has a lot of addictions he is dealing with so it may be a while before he is baptized. But, we are going to keep working with him because he definitely seems willing to change and better his life. This is something that has been hard here in Costa Rica; people agree with every message we leave, even if they are Catholic and we teach about the need for prophets. The problem is they don't want to act on anything. So, the key is to find people that are willing to change and want to change their lives. These are really the two things I have for you guys! Kind of a short message, but I encourage you guys to constantly search for some way that you can better your life - some way you can change your life to be more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Christmas season is all about Jesus Christ. Take the time to find at least one thing you can do better for your Savior. He gave all for you; one thing is nothing in comparison. 

Until next week mis amigos! 

**A dear friend of mine one day shared that she visit taught a sister in her ward who was from Costa Rica.  She asked this sweet sister who was going to be traveling "home" to visit family if she might be willing to take a small package to my son for me.  One thing led to another and we were able to actually send a whole suitcase to him! Thank you Gilda!

Gilda had explained that we may or may not get everything to him as she would have no control obviously if security or customs decided to take something out.  We (I) fretted over that for the next week waiting for news of the suitcase.   I had given her $100 to cover the cost of the suitcase on the plane and then the extra could go towards travel expenses to get it to him. 

Gilda and the 50lb suitcase ( :
It was arranged that she would meet up with Aaron at Los Angeles Park which Aaron had said was a park that he and his companion went to almost every day to catch a busline.   I believe these photos are of that park.

I think this is Los Angeles Park

Yeah, I got the suitcase today. I haven't opened it completely though because we had another set of elders with us for mejenga, soccer, and basket so I was waiting til they leave. We´re on divisions right now, so I´m with Elder Avina from Mexico and then Elder Parker is with Elder Whitlock from Arizona. Hey, I hope that you know Hilda really well because to take a taxi from where she lives to us is about $200. I think she told me she is friends with her taxi driver but she kept saying, ´´Don´t worry your mom said she would refund me the money.´´ I wish I had been smarter when you first told me. Diego could have just met her at the
airport the first night and grabbed the case for free haha. It´s only 20 mins from us. She also could have made the trip easily for about $40. I really hope she didn't just cost ya so much haha.

Elder Avina

Gotta go, Mom. Love you very much. Tell Dad I love him too! And Kara and everyone!!! =)

Elder Whitlock 
**Little did I know that she would take a $200 taxi to him! BUT IF he got everything then it was well worth it since we knew that if we had mailed a small box it would have cost $82.50 and would have taken weeks and may or may not ever even shown up. PLUS the added customs expense if they decided to charge a fee. It was a LONG week as we waited for the next email to arrive letting us know if he had actually gotten everything that was in the suitcase!

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