Monday, November 10, 2014

Pues, pues, pues. ¿Que es nuevo en Costa Rica?‏

we found it!
Fetch. So, I had an idea at the beginning of the week to write down any super cool experiences or just awesome experiences I had each day on a piece of paper. That way I could remember what happened when it came time to write this email; however, I left the paper in my apartment sooooooooo, we´ll see how much I remember. Starting with Monday - right after we got off the computers, we went shopping and it was just in a general (what we thought was more expensive) store. But, as it turns out, we found Mountain Dew and Dr Pepper there for like 300 colones, which is about half where we found it a week before. Then we also found like a powdered milk (it´s good here) in a bag that makes like 18 liters for only like 7 mil, which is an amazing price. We also found Lucky Charms for super cheap for only 1250 when we´d been buying them for 2500, which 500 = 1 dollar in case I didn't tell everyone this. And last but not least, we were looking around when I found a powder that I think is for women, not exactly sure, but it had like 50% of your daily protein in a single serving which is like the same as protein shakes; however, protein powder here is extremely expensive. Elder Parker was laughing at me at first, but then later on during our shopping he repented of his mockery and went and bought two hahaha. I discovered the way to get protein in Costa Rica for cheaper; I am awesome. 
Cocoa Crispies ( :

Something more spiritually enriching and tuanis (cool): 

So, Thursday Elder Parker and I went to pick up a less active youth who is 18 named J and also his neighbors who are investigators to go and mejengear (to play soccer) and on the way to the chapel where the soccer field is we got stopped and yelled at by a man. He sounded drunk, so we didn't think much of it and I ended up just talking to him myself while Elder Parker talked to the nonmember youth with us. Throughout conversing with this gentleman, I found out that he had in fact been drinking a little that evening and that he thought that Joseph Smith was our God of the Americas. We explained to him how Jose Smith was a prophet not a god, that our God is the same as his. He accepted that and then he talked to us from the heart. Apparently, that day was his daughter's birthday, and she had passed away to cancer the previous year. He said that he lost his daughter, and then his wife left him, and it was weird because even though he was drunk I could see the tears streaming down his face and I knew that he was speaking clearly - that he was understanding. We testified of the Plan of Salvation: how his daughter and all the children of God can be with God again. We ended up just kind of listening and comforting him for about 45 minutes, then I promised him we would call him in the morning to come and visit him when he was more sober. We ended up not being able to meet him until Sunday night. We were actually heading back to the apartment when he finally called us back and wanted to know where we were and if we were going to come visit him. We told him where we were (which happened to be in the area where he lived) and he ran out of his house and came and met us. After walking around for a while to find somewhere to talk, we found a swing set with two seats. I told him to sit and Elder Parker sat and then we basically gave a lesson purely under the direction of the Spirit. I told him to never forget how he felt the day he came to us, when HE approached us and told us his sorrows. Then we talked of what we do as missionaries and how we´re going to help him make changes in his life. It was one of the best lessons I have had and afterwards Elder Parker and I gave him a hug, and he told us that, that day was the first time in over a year that he had received a hug and that we were his 2nd and 3rd in that day. I knew the Lord was blessing him and showing him that what he was doing what the right thing. His name is J, and he seems pretty tuanis! 
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That was about all I had planned to write for you guys. Hope everything is going cool there in Washington! I heard about the shooting, so horrible. We´ve been keeping you guys in our prayers! 

Siga siendo tuanis! Pura Vida!

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