Monday, May 4, 2015

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Don´t have a whole lot of time because we got stuck in San Jose central for 5 hours for my companions tooth. We´re doing good here in Toyopan (Guadalupe) San Jose, I´ve met a lot of really nice people and it´s a tiny bit cooler up here in the mountains!!! I really love being here and meeting a lot of really nice people, I want them all to get baptized!!! =D}
Love you guys, sorry that I didn't have more time!! 
Elder Lohberg, until next week!

quick back and forth with Aaron :)
breakfast with Elder Contreras
Aaron: MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM don't have a TON of time because we got super stuck in San Jose

because my comp had a dentist appointment, lost like 4 hours.
Mom: HEY!! We've been waiting by the computer all afternoon in hopes to catch you!! How has your day been? You're emailing late today!!

Aaron:  I don't have almost any time really.. not sure how much my comp and i will take. crudy. I have a question, I´m gunna start drinking raw eggs in the morning with orange juice to get big, because a ton of the Ticos here recommend it, anything stupid in doing that? I already did it once, with 1 egg, and I didn't get sick, so it should be okay = ) Can you do a super fast google search to see if they give more protein raw than cooked=) or if it helps you build muscle faster raw? =D
old apartment before transfers
Mom: ok - so most importantly - TELL ME ABOUT SUNDAY - what time should we be by the computer to skype with you? AND well - raw eggs can be dangerous cause you can get salmonella from them - and you are in a foreign country too so - be careful doing that!

Aaron: what time is church for u guys? is it in the morning or afternoon, my comp wants to do it at 2:00, to talk to his girlfriend and fam. I put on 41 photos right now.  Well, it´s still going.. super slow. 
Mom: ok - we have church from 9-noon - but you are only an hour off of us - so would you be before or after him? 

scriptures :)

Aaron: Both at 2 o clock, we have a family history center here! with cameras. So, at 1 for you guys then? 2 my time, 1 your time? Okay, can you put photos from home on there two, and i´ll download them here! =D
Mom: yes I can do that! - so 2:00 Sunday - your time (1:00) my time wow! I"m excited to go view them!! Do you have time to tell me anything about your new area - your zone - your comp - your ward - your gators?
k - what I'm reading - it doesn't really say that either is better - raw means you risk salmonella - it does say to eat them in 3's - so 3 at at time so that you get enough protein each time you intake them.  I will look into this more for you though

Aaron: My area has a ton of Hills, super tough, one of them is called Heart-attack hill, because 2 people went up it once and had heart-attacks and 1 died. It´s rough. It´s up in the mountains, it was raining last week but right now it´s okay.. if we take buses to go to a higher up place or down to the city it´s expensive. We have a stake center and there are 3 companionship's in our ward, we had almost NO-ONE when I came here, We found 26 new investigators this week, I went crazy.. so that we can have SOMETHING.
I think we´ll baptize this month, but it won't be
easy. The assistants call us a lot, and want baptisms... they tried to raise our goal to 20 when I´m not sure if we´ll even hit 16, Toyopan has only hit 16 once, 3 months ago. President is disappointed that the mission still doesn´t baptize the first weeks of the month that we have to hope and fight for baptisms during the week.. it´s cool beans 
OKay, like it was kind of hard to just drink 1, but not that bad. I might just do it.. I´m sick of people saying I'm skinny lol, but I don't want to be giant either, don't worry. Hey, I shaved my armpits and stuff, it´s pretty cool.. Now I dont sweat! =D
Mom: are you really that skinny? I was thinking about ED getting "fat" - and wondered if you had gained any - do you think you've lost? or stayed the same?

Aaron: I gained a lot at first, then lost it all, right now I'm about normal, haven't weighed myself but i know.. our new cook feeds us more and its super good, i might get fat again.
yes, she isn't a member, her sons a missionary, only member in their fam, we call them Ma and Pa, they cook and laundry minus garments, we do those, it´s good food, they treat us really well. and the lunch we get each day and dinner sometimes
Aaron with Elder Rivera
Aaron: Almost gots to go mom, I don't know when my comp will say ALRIGHT lets go.. so just want to say that I love you guys! Look forward to skyping you all next week! 
Mom: WE LOVE YOU TOO!! Super excited to skype with you!! Can't even begin to tell you!!
Aaron: I'ma snap a quick photo of my comp, or with him to send you guys too
**don't know the name of this family yet

**don't know the name of this family yet

Heredia building
Outside his old apartment

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