Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pues pues pues... something sad

Whelp, no se lo que debo decir. I´m going to go head and hit up the highlights of this week, it´s been a weird past couple days. So, we had visited a member who had a tiny Christmas tree with like flashing lights and all and so Elder Parker and I asked how much it costed to get all that. She told us it was about $8 more or less, but we were basically broke haha because of some poor decisions shopping wise =P. Highlight Incoming........: Sunday at church she came and she handed Elder Parker and I a bag, in it was the set; a tree, lights, and little ornaments. We were so stoked!!! So, we worked super hard for the rest of the day, we visited some members to pick up Elder Parker´s boots, a member had been fixing them. (There are lots of Zapateros here, people who fix shoes and such) and they looked really good, he used airplane tire for the bottom of the shoe. 
Elder Lohberg and Elder Parker - note the "fireplace" ( :

Then that night we got home, and got to work on making the Christmas season real! He made the tree and set it up and everything, I used a protein can thing that we had and made a fireplace that we were going to use. I cracked open my chexmix and we started eating. Everything set, so we decided to take pictures. I lit up the fireplace I made (I had a glass of water nearby just in case) and we started taking pictures. Then the fireplace uhh.. overheated.. and started to fall apart. So, we used our emergency water, and then we went back to taking pictures.. without the fire. Then after we finished taking pictures we were sitting around eating chexmix and drinking coke when we got a call. The assistants called and told Elder Parker that he was going to be a zone leader in Limon. It was kind of a shock, I don´t know, weird. I helped him pack his 30 sports jerseys and everything he had and that was about it. I´m now in charge of the area. The assistants had also mentioned that I would have a mini companion for a week until I got my next companion. 

Elder Lohberg & Elder Parker

Elder Parker asked Diego to give us a ride in the morning to the office because he wanted to say goodbye to him. We drove, it was a pretty sad ride haha. We stopped at the office and I was supposed to get a new companion but it turns out they couldn´t find a mini companion but Diego was there, so the assistant Elder Cude was like, hey can you be his companion. He said yeah and here we are haha. So, yeah, Diego is my companion until Monday when I get a new companion, I don´t know if I will be training or what, we also don´t have a district leader yet, not sure when we will get one, probably Monday. Diego is a member that we work with all the time, not sure if I mentioned that. But yeah, sometimes changes are sad haha! 
Aaron and his comp "elder" Diego ( :

I love hearing that everything is going well out there in Washington and other places where you guys are at haha. I´m in Alma in the Book of Mormon right now, reading about Alma the younger! Such a change!!! But I would like to actually send you guys a video to watch! It´s a BYU devotional talk by Holland when he was the President. =) I know  that what he says is 101.5% verdadero! Escuchalo! 

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