Saturday, August 30, 2014

El Distrio Olivdado: The Forgotten District

My companions are Elder Stoker and Elder Lindstrom.  We're a trio, and Lindstrom is the district leader.  There are only 5 people in our district.  It's just us, and it's actually really funny because we have basically been forgotten this entire time.

Already a week and a half in and we still technically have no teachers assigned to our district.  Our district's classroom is like way far away from the rest of our zone's so we're just kind of out here and people have no clue where we are; it's really funny.  We nicknamed ourselves El Distrio Olivdado: The Forgotten District.

We do attend the temple every P-day...a lot of people think P-day is nice but here it's actually more stressful.  We wake up an hour and 10 minutes early (5:20) to run to the laundry place and get a head start on the crowds from our zone.  Then you technically have to sneak out of service for a little bit to swap the washer load to the dryer, but we have a huge zone (they're trying something new) so we've ended up having too many people at the service for assignments so 2 P-days and we have yet to do service haha.  We say it's because we're forgotten and our showing up throws off their count.

Spanish is going well.  We had a girl named Hermana Steward who was our first teacher but she has basically been useless to be honest.  She just flirts with our district leader which really ticks me off, but they're swapping all the teachers around.  Our second teacher was our investigator, Edilberto, his real name is R LeBron and he's a convert from like when he was 17.  He's REALLY cool.  He lived in Puerto Rico until he was 13 and his conversion story is really strong.  He took the discussions for a couple months, finally got baptized, slowly fell away because he didn't feel worthy of being a Mormon or something (he lived in a ghetto gang town; he had dreadlocks haha), and anyways he ran into missionaries who reactivated him again and he realized he wanted to be like them and do for others what they had done for him so he quickly took online classes to get his high school diploma cuz he was a drop out , and he got it and then went on a mission because you need it to go on a mission, and he went to Argentina like Hermana Steward.  We did a role play yesterday, and holy cow if he street contact into me I would let him baptize me right there and then.  He is so awesome and I learn so much from him. I'm basically praying that Hermana Steward is the one to get transferred instead of him, that way I can actually maybe progress here in the MTC.  So pray for it haha.

I saw Z at the first because our district actually had the wrong schedule for a week (forgotten), then on our own we managed to get 1 schedule that is correct for our district/zone...and so that changed our food times and I rarely see Z anymore unfortunately.  B I see everyday at meal time and for gym time but I don't think he's in my zone.  I don't' know how it works but I see him.  We don't eat together because he eats with our new zone leaders typically and I eat with my district.  Our zone is so huge that the row of tables they sit at fills up fast.

We are losing our zone leaders this Monday but the new ones are just as awesome.  I'm actually going to write the current zone leader after he leaves; his name is Elder Lords and he's really nice.  I have seen C.  I forgot his last name and technically his first name so when I saw him and recognized him I was like whatsup, because we hardly know each other and then I remembered his first name.  Ya, he seems pretty normal to me actually.  Sometimes I see him and he ain't even smiling, but it's possible he's crazy.  I very rarely see him walking around.

I feel like I'm at a stop in the language; I just need a ton of practice.  I basically only learn the language when Hermano LeBron is teaching us, which is like 1 time a day for 3 hours.  Other than that I need practice and my disctrict doesn't really want to talk in Spanish, which apparently is common because the zone leader said his district didn't start doing HSI (hable su idioma: speak your language) until their last week haha.  I wish we just spoke it, but it kills the conversation and it kind of hurts your mind to have to slowly process how to say everything you want to say.

Hermano LeBron had thought we were prepping and that is why we waited an HOUR to go to the backroom and talk to him and he was explaining this in Spanish and it was really funny and he said that he heard us making our Nacho Libre quotes and we just busted out laughing.  He's awesome.

THANKS FOR THE TREATS! But I feel like I have to share with my companions now, otherwise I will look fat...and get don't have to send anymore haha.  It's really hard enough trying not to over eat every single meal.  The food is mediocre here, but sometimes you get something really good and it's hard to not just eat a ton.  Plus, I've almost gone through the chex mix bag already on my own and I've only had 30 minutes near it haha.  I can't take it to my classroom so I can only eat it at night 9:30 or in the morning.
Elder Stoker, Elder Coombs, Elder Gomez, Elder Lohberg

Oh yeah, a story.  Elder Coombs bought a quart of ice cream (idk how much a container is worth; it's big) and he had a plastic spoon and it was his 3rd night eating it.  He takes 1 bite and then he goes for the second and his spoon snapped and he was so sad, he started crying haha.  It was hilarious; we all busted out laughing.  Then, Elder Stoker also bought an "indestructible" water bottle at Walmart and he was accidentally dropping it all the time and then it shattered his like 4th time, just falling off a short desk.  It was hilarious; he was mad too hahaha.  We invited Edilberto (Hermano LeBron) to baptism our last lesson (4th lesson I think) and he said he needed to think about it.  Elder Stoker invited him and I think he did it at a bad moment and it was a poor invitation but it's whatever haha.  Love ya!

Elder Stoker, Elder Gomez (back), Elder Lohberg

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