Monday, August 25, 2014

Mi familia, se amo, Aaron

Dear Family (mom :o)

My companions are Elder Lindstrom from Washington (Everett) and Elder Stoker from Boise, Idaho.  They're pretty cool; it's hard to have fair unity with three companions, so sometimes it's awkward and one person gets partially left out.

Our first lesson with Edilberto went pretty well.  The Spirit was there and we covered most of the restoration of the gospel, but he didn't participate much and he has only kept a few commitments. Our second discussion was best.  We totally dropped the plan we'd had and talked about faith and prayer and taught him how to pray.  Then our third discussion, this evening, went really badly; he stumped us by saying he didn't believe we were God's literal children, so we tried to explain it to him and basically our lesson fell apart.  He is actually going to be our second teacher though; we got our first teacher to tell us, haha.

I'm on the top bunk because I got second pick and I didn't want to carry a third mattress from a nearby room into the one we sleep in.  Yeah, Wyview.  Sorry, I only have a few minutes to write. Chex mix sounds great, but I might have to share with my companions :( and maybe funfetti cookies?

We actually did get to do some sealings. I'm going to try and get this in the mail tomorrow so I need to get it in a envelope.  This is all I have time for this evening :(

Adios, mi familia.  Se amo, (I love you) Aaron

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